About the Kenza Collection Team & Values

Kenza Mission

About Us

We are a small team of passionate Fashionistas based in the USA who follow the latest fashion trends from around the world. We curate our finds and make them available on this site for you to indulge and enjoy. Follow us on Social media @KenzaTreasures (Instagram, Twitter) and join us on our worldwide fashion finding adventure. #WeLoveFashion   #SupportSmallBusiness  #Fashion

Questions? Reach us @ Tel: 650 590 4789

The Kenza Collections Values

The Kenza Collection is inspired by five simple values. We work hard to only feature limited pieces that satisfy our lofty value criteria.

The five values that define our collections:

1 - Functional Works of Art

Our products must be beautiful just like art, and serve your needs exceptionally well. We aspire our pieces to be the iPhones of cell phones.

2 - A Joy to Own

Life is short. We believe every moment should be enjoyable. We believe that anyone can do this by surrounding themselves with things they enjoy. We want our collections bring you joy.

3 - Optimally Priced

While we fully agree with “you get what you pay for” when making a purchase, we also believe that too many luxury brands over charge for their products. We find new and upcoming brands with high quality products, that deliver optimal value to customers. We even have them shipped from the source country to ensure that costs that typically go to showcasing and advertising the products remain in your pocket.

4 - Good Karma

A portion of profits from Kenza.com go towards a Childrens' Charity and a Women Empowerment Charity. We believe the universe, in return, blesses our customers with good Karma. Enjoy the good mojo your way when using products from our collection.

5 - Latest Trends

The Kenza team loves fashion. We watch the runways closely and we look for new and upcoming brands keeping in step with the latest fashion trends. Our team then curates the best of our finds into our collections. We want Kenza fans to look gorgeous, trendy, contemporary and unique!