Platinum… Or white gold speaks volumes about a woman. It says “I like the white shine, but only when divine.” Make your own platinum jewellery statement.




Greetings & Welcome …to the Kenza Collection. We are proud to present to you the world’s finest finds on the internet and beyond. Here price is no object.The only rule is to indulge in life’s finest riches.




Diamonds…are a girls best friend. Especially if they are extra special with a blue tinge. Ready to dazzle? We invite you to explore our rare finds!




Black pearls
…are 100 times more rare than white ones. They come in many shades and make a delightful addition to any collection. Tahitian pearls are the most famous and certainly wow any audience.




2014's Best Collections
Our experts showcase their latest finds...

Our Latest Finds

  • Capture
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  • Diamond Stud Earrings
    These elegant stunners are ready to dazzle. Throw on a red dress and glam up. Signature facet arrangement and expertly matched. Scroll design in the...
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  • Anne Klein Solid Dress
    This elegant stunner of a dress comes in six breathtaking colors. A dainty belt creates a defined waist in this Anne Klein darling with cap sleeves,...
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  • Versace Woman's Watch
    This stunning Versace watch is constructed with a stainless steel case with white diamonds on bezel. It is Reversible bezel with pink sapphires or clous...
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The Kenza Collection

This website has been created to celebrate the best of what life has to offer in Jewellery, Fashion, Beauty and Luxury. We invite you to browse though our finds and enjoy the creative expressions of the enlightened artists and designers who have created them. For those of you blessed with spare cash, we encourage you to go ahead and purchase our finds that tickle your heart’s fancy. We of course invite you to leave us feedback on your experience with it. Enough talk, please indulge:

Our Core Beliefs

Life is about finding happiness

Be it in people, purpose or things.

Beautiful things make life enjoyable

Having a few beautiful possessions keeps us passionate about life.

Only certainly in life is the now

The past is gone, The future is uncertain. What you can do right now is what defines your life.

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Kenza high life experts are astute trend watchers looking out for the latest in jewellery, fashion and beauty products money can buy. Our background includes fashion, modeling, beauty and marketing.